Diploma / Certificate

Learn and apply new practical skills for a successful career and life in less time and for less cost.

Target Group:

  1. Looking for new practical skill development opportunities

  2. Seeking a foreign education with a tight budget or timeline

  3. Immigration

Some sample schools below:

Vancouver Film School

Leading film and animation production school in the world (known as "North Hollywood"), located in downtown Vancouver, Canada. VFS offers 15 signature post-secondary programs — spanning every aspect of the entertainment arts — that are developed and taught by award-winning industry professionals. Each program’s intensive curriculum evolves along with demands of the industry, and the best, current industry practices.

Diploma/Certificate program highlights:

  • Film and television production

  • Animation and visual effects

  • Game Design and Technology

  • Makeup, Acting, and Writing for film

  • AR/VR Design and Development

Vancouver Community College

Located in the heart of the city, Vancouver Community College (VCC) offers academic, cultural, and social environments that inspire relevant real-world training. VCC campus facilities - including gourmet restaurants, an auto shop, and salon and spa - allow students to hone their skills and training while providing high-quality lower-cost services to the Downtown and East Vancouver communities.

Diploma/Certificate program highlights:

  • Hospitality

  • Baking and Culinary

  • Legal study

  • Hairstyle and Makeup

  • Health Science

  • Instructor training

LaSalle College

Originally founded in Montreal, Canada ("Little Paris"), LaSalle is the largest bilingual college in North America as well as an expert in Fashion and Design of multi-industries. Students can choose to study in one of its several independent and brilliant campuses across cities in Canada.

Program Highlights


  • Game programming

  • Interior Design

  • Fashion Design


  • Graphic Design

  • Animation Art

  • Fashion Marketing