Get a better position & salary in your current career or start a new career with in-depth study within a professional specialization.

Target Group:

  1. Looking to improve position/salary in existing career or change careers

  2. Interested in a career involving research

  3. Immigration

Example Schools/Programs our Students Have Enjoyed

University of British Columbia

Master of Engineering

McGill University

Master of Science (applied)

University of Toronto

Master of Business Analytics

University of Victoria

Master of Engineering

York University

Master of Business Administration

University of California, Los Angeles

Master of Fine Arts in Design

New York University

Master of Arts in Education Programs

University of Washington

Master of Science in Computer Science

The University of Manchester

Master of Science in Management

Berklee College of Music

Master of Music

Other Program Areas You Could Explore

  • Business and economics

  • Earth, environment and sustainability

  • Education

  • Engineering and technology

  • Heath and life science

  • History, law and politics

  • Language and linguistics

  • Math, chemistry and physics

  • Media and fine arts

  • People, culture and society